Thursday, August 10, 2017

Photo Albums!!

We hope everyone had an absolutely fantastic time this year at camp and reached home safely!

Check out our YouTube channel for videos from this year and last year, including Talent Show acts and Cheers:

Here is a compilation of all of the photo albums we have from HYSC 2017:

Day 1 (July 23)
Day 2 (July 24)
Day 3 (July 25)
Day 4 (July 26)
Day 5 (July 27)
Day 6 (July 28)
Day 7 (July 29)
Day 8 (July 30)
Day 9 (July 31)
Day 10 (August 1)
Day 11 (August 2)
Day 12 (August 3)
Day 13 (August 4)

In addition, here is a compilation of all of the photo albums we have from last year, HYSC 2016:

Day 1 (July 17)
Day 2 (July 18)
Day 3 (July 19)
Day 4 (July 20)
Day 5 (July 21)
Day 6 (July 22)
Day 7 (July 23)
Day 8 (July 24)
Day 9 (July 25)
Day 10 (July 26)
Days 11-13 (July 27-29) --> just recovered and never before seen!!

- HYSC Staff

Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 12 & 13

Hi everyone! These last two days have been so busy as we gear toward the end of HYSC 2017!! We had the Talent Show yesterday, in which everyone showcased his or her talents on stage, and tonight was our Closing Aarti and Awards Ceremony. During our Closing Aarti, we sing Aadisesha and Jai Jagadish Hare, praying to both our murtis and the God inside each and every one of us. For the Awards Ceremony, in addition to conventional certificates given to counselors and CITs, our awards are given in the form of paper plates! Each paper plate highlights a memorable characteristic of every camper, counselor, staff member, and committee/volunteer. We topped off our night with THREE birthday celebrations (Muskaan, Sheena, and Ruhi) and a short but lively dance party! It has been an absolutely fantastic 2 weeks that will stay in our hearts forever, and we cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. *cue tears* GONNA MISS OUR CAMP FAM SO SO SO MUCH!!!

Day 13 Pics:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Daaayyyy 11!!

Welcome to Day 11 of the HYSC Blog! After following our usual morning routine, we spent the early afternoon preparing for the Talent Show, which is tomorrow night!! Afterwards, we celebrated the 99th birthday of Dada J.P. Vaswani with bhajans and a moment of calm at 2pm.

Tonight was Native American Night where we went on a nature walk outside of the resort and sang camp songs with each other. We reconnected with nature through meditation and silence in the outdoors, as well as drums and songs indoors. With Devi Parvati leading us all and teaching us about the Native American heritage and culture, we were all enjoying ourselves. All of the campers were dancing and singing, and then we had s’mores for snack. After snack, we had a dance party before bedtime!! It was the perfect end to another great day at camp, and we cannot believe it has already been 11 days.

As HYSC is coming to end, campers have been preparing with their clubs and cabins for the Talent Show on Thursday. The CITs, counselors, and Staff have been preparing their Talent Show acts as well, so we are excited to see everyone’s performances tomorrow.

All in all, Day 11 was a success and a great way to celebrate the beginning of the end in a fun, bittersweet way.

- Nicholas Yohn and Rhea Babani (CITs)

Day 11 Pics:…/fo…/0B8Pfd67y9nDvcnF1dU9hLUN3M00…

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 10!!! Made it to double digits!

4 more days left, parents! Campers will definitely return home with a little extra bit of butter in their stomachs.

During puja, we are nearly finished with learning the Hanuman Chalisa, which we learn a few lines of every day. In Heritage class, Sharmila Aunty taught us about the courage and integrity of Bharat in the Ramayan, and Devi Parvati continued role playing the Ramayan with the younger kids, having campers act as different characters in order to make the story easier to grasp.

We had some amazing spaghetti for lunch, and campers then went to their rooms to change for the EARTH OLYMPICS! Set up outside the hotel was a bouncy house, rock climbing, and a challenging obstacle course, as well as a very soapy slip and slide. It was beyond fun and exciting for everyone. After a mandatory nap time and dinner, everyone gathered around for Movie Night in their PJs to watch Moana--an awesome ending to a long day. Special shout out to everyone who helped set and clean up for the Earth Olympics. Thanks for putting so much work to make our summer the best experience possible!